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  • Posted by Brad Umansky on February 26, 2018

Amazon SO (What?) – 5 Takeaways from My Visit to the Amazon Go Store

I am writing this blog as I return from a trip to Seattle which of course included a visit to  the most talked about small retail space ever – the Amazon Go grocery store! For all the press this store has received for its incredible technology, I think it is really just “Amazon So (What?)”. ...
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  • Posted by Brad Umansky on October 24, 2017

Pizza, Starbucks and What I Learned from Italy’s Retail Scene

Ciao friends – – my wife and I just returned from a fantastic trip to Italy. We visited Rome, Florence, Siena, Como, and Venice.  Stepping out of SoCal’s Inland Empire for a couple of weeks was really enlightening and refreshing.  While it’s still top of mind I wanted to share a few of my observations...
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  • Posted by Brad Umansky on September 06, 2017
  • Brad Umansky, Commercial Real Estate, Retail

The Food Industry is a Zero Sum Game – What this Means for Landlords and Retailers

Are the restaurant and grocery industries a zero sum game? I believe so. Despite my desire to eat all day at different places, it is simply not possible for me or anyone else.  As a result, any decision we make to consume food at one place means we are not eating at another place. The...
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  • Posted by Brad Umansky on October 31, 2016
  • Food Industry, Landlords, Retailers, Zero Sum Game

The Prescription for a Healthy Retail Center

If you’ve ever sought out health related services at your neighborhood shopping center then you’re part of a flourishing trend in retail.   Grocery shopping and medical services might seem like strange bedfellows but in a world where health and wellness is a top priority AND consumers value convenience, healthcare providers are increasingly choosing to locate...
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  • Posted by Brad Umansky on August 24, 2016

My Visit to 365 by Whole Foods

The grocery store business is one of my favorite parts of the retail sector. My wife and I really enjoy visiting new grocery stores when we travel. It is a fun way to see how the stores are presented, the product assortment, and a great opportunity to discover new food items. So when we heard ...
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  • Posted by PREP on October 23, 2015

Property Spotlight: Metro at Main — 3 Reasons to Lease a Space at Metro at Main

Directly beneath stylish apartments lie appetizing restaurants, convenient and unique retail shops with thriving cultural and walkable streets. Across from this mixed-use center, sits the bustling Metro link train station eager to take traveling commuters to their destinations. Sound familiar? No, it’s not downtown Los Angeles, Pasadena or San Francisco, but the newly developed project,...
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  • Posted by Brad Umansky on October 21, 2015

Handicapping the Grocery Stores

The grocery store category is experiencing a lot of change in Southern California’s Inland Empire market. In just the past few months, newcomers Aldi and Grocery Outlet have announced their first store openings meanwhile Haggen has failed miserably and Fresh & Easy continues to melt down. As the owner of a retail brokerage that represents...
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  • Posted by PREP on August 24, 2015

6 Reasons I’m a Big Fan of Costco!

By Brad Umansky – President of Progressive Real Estate Partners Costco is one of my favorite stores. As the owner of a CRE brokerage that specializes in retail leasing and investment sales, I love retail and I’m always interested in how smart retailers operate and market their stores. The feelings that many get when going...
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  • Posted by PREP on December 24, 2014

An Inside Look at Health Clubs

By Brad Umansky The health club industry has always fascinated me, especially based upon the fact that initially I would have never thought that an economic downturn would have caused a large expansion in the business. Ever since 2009, we have seen a huge expansion of the fitness industry with clubs being built by LA...
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